Loving Frank

by Nancy Horan

Reviewed by Mudqueen

Loving Frank is about the love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney, both of whom were married to other people at the time. The book is written from Mamah's point of view. The author, Nancy Horan, uses a clear, concise manner of writing that makes this book a quick read.

Most of the story revolves around the affair and the sacrifices made by both parties. In the first decades of the twentieth century in Chicago, this sort of thing made the headlines. Mamah is the central character, and the author very skillfully fleshes out her personality and garners the readers' sympathy for her and her struggle in a society where a wife was just a husband's possession. Those hoping to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright will be disappointed, but the book is an interesting read about human relationships during that era.

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