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Sadly, I am removing the contact form that used to be on this page, because it is suddenly attracting large amounts of spam. Apparently, spammers have found a way around the spam-blocking feature.

Readers: If you're trying to track down a novel you read years ago, and you can't find it listed on this site, I recommend posting a query at HistoricalFictionOnline, a forum where one of the 1,000-plus friendly members may know just the book you mean.

Authors: If your novel is not listed on this website and was published by a traditional large or small publishing house, please use the Author/Publisher Contact Form to request a listing. If your novel is self-published, please do not contact me to request a listing or review. This is a one-person website, and my primary goal is to serve readers. So although I do my best to keep up with novels published by major publishing houses and the best of the small presses, time constraints make it impossible for me to continue adding self-published novels. I understand that self-published authors take pride in their work, but I have to draw the line somewhere. See the Author/Publisher Contact Form for more information, including guidelines on determining whether your novel is self-published.