The Lion Wakes

by Robert Low

Reviewed by Annis

The Lion Wakes by Robert Low "When the lion wakes, everyone must beware its fangs..."

Edward I of England has betrayed Scottish trust. In 1296 he deposes Scotland’s King John Balliol and removes the royal regalia and ancient kingmaking Stone of Destiny. Scottish rebellion is brutally crushed, but a leader arises, a common man called William Wallace. While Edward prosecutes war in France, Wallace rallies the people of Scotland. Its noble families waver. Wallace has nothing to lose but his life. Many, like the Bruces, hold lands in both England and Scotland.

Some families put a man in both camps, hoping to gain advantage however matters turn out, and so minor nobleman Sir Hal Sientcler of Herdmanston suddenly finds himself a rebel. Following family orders, he attaches himself to the ambitious Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick ("a prideful huff"), who joins forces with Wallace. Through Hal we follow the ebb and flow of a bloody war of attrition - victory for the Scots at Stirling Bridge and disaster at Falkirk - and see heroic figures like Wallace and The Bruce as the men they might really have been.

Savage warfare is not the only peril. Conflict with the English fuels smouldering clan blood-feuds, like that between the Bruces and Comyns, and either a hunt or a battle makes convenient cover for "red murder". Violence, intrigue and treachery can be found even where least expected, and The Bruce himself has a secret for which he’ll kill friend as quick as foe to protect.

Low throws himself boldly and with brio into the dark and dangerous tangle of the First War of Scottish Independence. Written in a distinctively Scottish voice, rich in dialect and striking imagery, The Lion Wakes boasts a wealth of vividly drawn characters including a puissant, rancorous Edward I ("a great black storm"), and the best collection of Scottish rogues, retainers and hard fighting men since George MacDonald Fraser’s The Candlemass Road. (2011; 439 pages, including a map of 13th-century Britain, Author's Note, List of Characters and Glossary)

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