The King's Arrow

by Michael Cadnum

Reviewed by Margaret Donsbach

The King's Arrow by Michael Cadnum Eighteen-year-old Simon in The King's Arrow is the son of an English mother and a Norman nobleman who died when Simon was young. The English resent their Norman king, William II, known as "Rufus" for his red hair. The Norman ruling classes are suspicious of the English, constantly fearing rebellion. Neither group completely accepts Simon. So when he learns he might be invited to join the Norman nobleman Walter Tirel on a deer hunt with the king, he feels thrilled and nervous.

As the foreward mentions, Walter Tirel's arrow killed the king during a fateful hunt on August 2, 1100. Simon's story offers enough uncertainty, though, to keep readers in suspense. The killing of a poacher at the beginning of the novel shows how high the stakes are. "His death was legal, Simon knew. Poaching the king's game was a capital crime . . ."

Readers who like horses will especially enjoy scenes in which Simon struggles with a bad-tempered stallion or gallops full-out on a borrowed mare. Those curious about the customs in Norman England may appreciate the frequent, brief explanations. "A hunting varlet would be expected to act as the game servant--to carry the quiver, hand out the arrows as needed, and have an eye for the woods and its creatures." English "is the language of hill and river, but not the language of government." The many explanations do slow things down, though, so readers who look, above all, for an exciting story may grow impatient with them. (2008; 208 pages; recommended for ages 12 and up)

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