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January 26, 2011

HistoricalNovels.info interviews
the author of The Tudor Secret

author C.W. GortnerIt was a pleasure to have C.W. Gortner visit the blog on January 26, 2011 to talk about his adventure novel The Tudor Secret.

The Tudor Secret is written in quite a different style from your other two novels, which are biographical novels. Which did you most enjoy writing?

I enjoy both, for different reasons. The biographical novels allow me to explore through a different perspective the lives of historical people who fascinate me. The research is rigorous and I must align myself with what is known about the personality, for better or worst. With The Tudor Secret, I had a chance to play more freely with story; while the novel is based on historical events, featuring historical people, much of the plot is a product of my imagination, which was liberating.

Historical novelists often struggle to portray Queen Elizabeth's favorite Robert Dudley as a romantic character. What made you decide to portray him as someone who can be cruel and treacherous?

I believe the romantic moulding of Robert Dudley stems in great part from our collective need to provide Elizabeth with a companion. A queen known as a virgin, who sacrificed her heart for her realm - it’s so appealing to think she had this lover in her life. I believe it was love, but I also think Robert was motivated, at least in his initial years, by ambition. He was a Dudley, son of a powerful family known for its rapacity; like many noblemen, he wasn’t inclined to be gracious to his inferiors or sacrifice his sense of entitlement. In The Tudor Secret, Robert is still quite young, privileged, and hell-bent in his resolve to succeed. I think this most likely is who he was, until fate brought down his family.

Though Brendan is a completely fictional character, his story is woven around factual events surrounding Jane Grey's brief rule as queen. Where do you feel your novel comes closest to portraying a historical person as he or she might really have been?

I strived to stay as true as possible to what is known about the historical personalities in the novel. With some, I had mere sketches to work from; with others, like Jane Grey, much is assumed about who she was. However, I think I came closest with Mary Tudor - embattled and neglected for much of her adult life, she displayed astonishing courage when faced with the fight for her throne. I revelled in portraying this oft-hidden side of the queen who later became known as Bloody Mary.

Review of The Tudor Secret by C.W. Gortner

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