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I appreciate traditionally published authors and/or publishers of historical novels letting me know about their historical novels which are not already listed.

Please note: If your novel has not been published yet, please wait to send information until it has been published and is being listed at online booksellers, so I can include a link to an online bookstore (otherwise, the link may never get added, frustrating website visitors who may want to read your book). If you have written more than one historical novel you would like me to list, please fill out a separate form for each novel. Thanks!

Listings for self-published novels are no longer being added to the website, and self-published novels are no longer considered for review, with the exception of those by authors like Cecelia Holland and Linda Proud who have previously published through major traditional publishing houses. This policy was arrived at after long and frustrating experience and is not open to reconsideration. I have a limited amount of time to spend on this website, and the time spent responding to requests for self-published listings made it too hard to add listings of traditionally published novels in a timely manner. If your novel is self-published (see below) and you have not previously published through a major traditional press, please do not waste my limited time or yours by asking me to list it.

Your book is self-published if: (1) it has been published through your own publishing imprint that you have set up for the purpose of publishing your novels; (2) you paid your publisher a subsidy or fee for services related to publishing your book; (3) your book has been published by a "POD" ("print-on-demand" or "publish-on-demand") press which offers self-publishing services to authors free of charge because it does not print physical copies of any books until they are sold. Reputable providers of self-publishing services (like Amazon, CreateSpace and many more) openly present themselves as such. Others are evasive and may represent themselves to authors as traditional small presses. Regardless, if a press accepts all or most manuscripts submitted in a print-ready format and does not screen for the quality of the writing and storytelling before accepting a work for publication, it is essentially offering self-publishing services. It's a huge tip-off if the website's home page consists primarily of a pitch to authors to use the press's services (instead of promoting the books) or if the submission guidelines are on a closed page casual website visitors cannot access.

I do not have time to research every one of the numerous small presses that operate in a gray area, so if a press's website does not clearly demonstrate that it operates in a professional manner that does not exploit writers, I will classify it as a self-publishing service. This policy is not open to reconsideration. Please note that my purpose in maintaining is to serve readers, not to promote authors. I'm a writer myself and appreciate the struggles of writers, but I simply cannot maintain this website as a promotional service for self-published novels. Enough said!

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