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Hella S. Haasse is a Dutch author of contemporary and historical literary fiction.

Diane Haeger writes novels set in various times in Europe, from the Renaissance to the American Civil War.

H. Rider Haggard was a nineteenth century author of contemporary and historical adventure novels.

Alex Haley wrote the bestseller Roots, a ground-breaking family saga about an African man forced into slavery in the U.S. and his descendants; after his death in 1992 David Stevens completed his unfinished novel about another branch of the family.

Oakley Hall writes contemporary and historical novels, usually set in the American West.

Robert Lee Hall is the author of a mystery series in which the sleuth is Benjamin Franklin, and other mysteries.

Helen Halstead writes romantic novels set in nineteenth century Britain, including a sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Marek Halter writes historical novels set in Biblical times.

Barbara Hambly writes fantasy and historical fiction, including a mystery series about a free man of color in 1830s New Orleans.

Anne Hampson writes romance novels, including a novel inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Ron Hansen writes contemporary and historical novels.

Jeffrey Hantover writes fiction and nonfiction, including a novel about a sixteenth century Jewish merchant who travels from Venice to Burma.

Adam Hardy was a pen name used by Henry Kenneth Bulmer for his series about naval warfare during the Napoleonic Wars.

Karen Harper writes contemporary and historical novels, including a mystery series set in Elizabethan England, and stand-alone novels set in medieval and Renaissance Britain.

Stephen Harrigan is a screenwriter, essayist and novelist who writes primarily about his home state of Texas.

Jane Harris is a Scottish author who has written The Observations, about a servant girl in nineteenth century Scotland.

Joanne Harris writes contemporary and historical novels in a variety of settings, sometimes incorporating magical realism; her novel Holy Fools is set in seventeenth century France.

Robert Harris is the author of nonfiction, historical fiction set in World War II and ancient Rome, and a contemporary thriller.

Charles Yale Harrison wrote nonfiction and contemporary fiction; he is best known for his novel Generals Die in Bed about trench warfare in World War I.

Kathryn Harrison writes nonfiction and contemporary and historical literary fiction.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles writes the Morland Dynasty series, covering British history from the Wars of the Roses on; the series currently includes 30 books, the latest set during World War I.

Zsolt Harsányi (also de Harsanyi and von Harsanyi) was a Hungarian playwright and author whose novels about Galileo, Liszt and Rubens were translated into English; he died in 1943.

Jaroslav Hasek was a Czech writer whose satirical novel about World War I, The Good Soldier Svejk, has been translated into over 60 languages; he died in 1923.

Cynthia Haseloff writes novels set in the Old American West.

Molly Costain Haycraft was the daughter of historical novelist Thomas B. Costain and wrote novels about English royalty.

Shirley Hazzard is an Australian-born literary author who has lived in Asia; she writes both contemporary and historical novels; her two historicals are set during and after World War II.

Ursula Hegi has written contemporary novels as well as the bestselling Stones from a River set in Nazi Germany and two novels set in the mid-twentieth century.

Marcy Heidish writes historical novels for teens and adults, often with Christian themes.

Linnea Heinrichs is the author of a novel set during the time of the plague.

Joseph Heller wrote the darkly humorous World War II novel Catch-22; he died in 1999.

Mark Helprin writes contemporary and historical fiction for adults and children.

Ernest Hemingway wrote contemporary novels which have become literary classics about World War I and other twentieth century wars; he died in 1961.

Joyce Henderson writes historical romance set in nineteenth century Texas.

Virginia Henley writes historical romances set in various times and places.

Will Henry was a pen name of Henry Wilson Allen, a screenwriter and novelist who wrote mostly about the Old American West; Allen died in 1991.

Philip Hensher is a British author of contemporary and historical novels.

G.A. Henty was a nineteenth century British author of historical fiction.

Ethel Herr is the author of a Christian-themed series set during the sixteenth century Dutch Reformation.

John Hersey is better known for the contemporary fiction he wrote about World War II, but also wrote a historical novel set in ancient Rome; he died in 1993.

Stella K. Hershan is an Austrian-born author who emigrated to the U.S. in 1939 to escape the Nazi regime; she writes fiction and nonfiction, usually on historical subjects.

Hermann Hesse was a German literary author whose books, including his historical novel Siddhartha about the Indian prince who originated Buddhism, were banned by the Nazis; he died in 1962.

Georgette Heyer is best known for her Regency period romances, but also wrote straight historical fiction; she died in 1974.

Robert Hicks is the author of a novel about the American Civil War.

Susan Higginbotham writes novels set in fourteenth century England.

Domini Highsmith has written a trilogy about a priest in medieval Yorkshire.

T.L. Higley writes Christian-themed historical fiction.

Ruth Beebe Hill wrote a controversial novel about the Lakota Sioux before the coming of European settlers

Susan Hill is a British author of contemporary and historical fiction.

Pauline Holdstock writes novels set in various times and places, from Renaissance Italy to nineteenth century Canada.

Cecelia Holland writes literary historical novels set in a variety of times and places, from prehistoric Britain to nineteenth century California; her most recent novels incorporate fantasy elements.

Helen Hollick writes historical novels set in various times and places, usually in Britain.

Greg Hollingshead is a Canadian author of contemporary and historical fiction.

Sheri Holman is the author of a contemporary novel and three historicals whose settings range from seventh century Korea to nineteenth century England.

Thomas Holt writes historical novels set in the ancient world; he also writes humorous fantasy under the name Tom Holt.

Victoria Holt is the pen name under which prolific popular author Eleanor Burford Hibbert wrote historical novels of romantic suspense; she also wrote as Jean Plaidy and Philippa Carr.

Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey in approximately 800 BC, about the Trojan War and its aftermath four centuries earlier.

Deborah Homsher is the author of a novel about the doomed American colony of Roanoke.

Nancy Horan is the author of a literary novel set in 1903 about a woman's affair with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Paul Horgan wrote nonfiction and literary historical fiction set in the American Southwest; he died in 1995.

Richard Howard is the author of a series about a soldier in Napoleon's army.

Roger Hudson writes a mystery series set in ancient Greece.

Frances Hunter is the author of a novel about the explorers Lewis and Clark.

Victor Hugo was a nineteenth century French novelist who wrote contemporary and historical fiction.

Jonathan Hull is an American journalist and author of novels about World Wars I and II.

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