Authors of Historical Novels


A.B. Daniel is the pen name of the French co-authors Antoine Audouard and Jean-Daniel Baltassat who write the Incas series, working with Inca specialist Bertrand Houette.

J.B. Dath is the pen name of writer Jonathan Dath and artist Jennifer Barrette, for Olympia 420, a debut novel set in ancient Greece about the Olympic Games.

Diane Davidson (not to be confused with Diane Mott Davidson, who writes contemporary culinary mysteries) wrote a 1969 mystery novel based on an actual case of murder in Renaissance England.

H.L. Davis was a poet and author best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning 1935 novel Honey in the Horn about Oregon pioneers; he died in 1960.

Kathryn Davis is the author of a novel about Marie Antoinette.

Lindsey Davis writes historical mysteries set in ancient Rome and the territories it ruled; her debut novel was a stand-alone historical novel about the Emperor Vespasian's mistress.

Maggie Davis writes contemporary and historical fiction in a variety of genres under her own name and the pen names Maggie Daniels, M.H. Davis and Katherine Deauxville.

Anita Davison is a London author of two novels set in seventeenth century England.

Jane Dawkins is an artist and author who writes sequels to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Katherine Deauxville is a pen name under which Maggie Davis writes historical romance novels.

Louis de Bernières is a literary author who writes historical novels set in World Wars I and II and novels of magical realism set in Latin America.

Mario de Carvalho is a Portuguese author whose historical novel set in ancient Rome, A God Strolling in the Cool of the Evening, has been translated into English.

Jan de Hartog was a Dutch playwright and novelist who wrote a trilogy about the Quaker migration to America; he died in 2002.

Michelle de Kretser is an Australian literary author born and raised in Sri Lanka who writes contemporary and historical fiction.

Lillian de la Torre was the pen name of Lillian McCue, who wrote a mystery series featuring the eighteenth century man of letters Samuel Johnson; she died in 1993.

R.F. Delderfield was an English playwright and and author of historical fiction and nonfiction, best known for his series novels about English history; he died in 1972.

Joan Ellen Delman writes novels inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.

Josephine Delves-Broughton wrote a novel about Queen Elizabeth I.

Mykola Dementiuk writes contemporary and historical novels exploring sexual abuse and unconventional sexual behavior; his historical novel Vienna Dolorosa is set in World War II Austria.

Paul Dengelegi wrote two books (#23 and #24) in the Casca series after the death of author Barry Sadler; the series is being continued by Tony Roberts

Pete Dexter is a screenwriter and author of contemporary and historical fiction.

Anita Diamant writes literary novels set in various historical periods, from Old Testament times to 1814 Massachusetts.

Christie Dickason writes novels set in seventeenth century Europe.

Charles Dickens wrote novels that were bestsellers in his day and remain popular literary classics; most were set in his own time and city, nineteenth century London, but A Tale of Two Cities was a historical novel about the French Revolution.

William Dietrich writes both fiction and nonfiction, including historical novels set in various times and places.

E.L. Doctorow is a literary author who writes both contemporary and historical novels, often set in New York.

Paul Doherty is the author of several historical mystery series; he has previously written mysteries under the pen names Vanessa Alexander, Anna Apostolou, Michael Clynes, P.C. Doherty, Ann Dukthas, and C.L. Grace.

Ivan Doig writes nonfiction and contemporary and historical literary fiction, often set in the American West.

David Donachie is a British author of series novels about naval warfare under both his own name and the pen name Tom Connery, as well as a series set in the Roman Republic under the pen name Jack Ludlow.

Sara Donati is the pen name of Rosina Lippi, who wrote the Wilderness series, set in early nineteenth century America.

Susan Donnell is the author of a romantic novel about Pocahontas.

Jennifer Donnelly is the author of romantic novels set in various times and places, from nineteenth century London to early twentieth century New York, as well as an award-winning historical novel for young adults.

Emma Donoghue is an Irish literary author, now living in Canada, who writes contemporary and historical novels.

Margaret Doody is a historian who writes a mystery series set in ancient Greece.

John Dos Passos was an American author whose literary career spanned the 1920s through 1970, the year of his death; though he wrote contemporary novels, his novels set during the World War I years and the 1920s have become classics.

Lloyd C. Douglas was a Lutheran minister and popular author best known for his 1942 novel The Robe about the experiences of a Roman soldier who was present at the crucifixion; he died in 1951.

Clifford Dowdey was a historian and and author of fiction and nonfiction about the Confederacy; he died in 1979.

Ruth Downie writes a historical mystery series set in Roman Britain.

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, set in the Victorian Britain of his own time, but also wrote The White Company, set in medieval England and France, and several lesser-known historical novels.

Nick Drake is a British poet and screenwriter who also writes mystery novels set in ancient Egypt.

Rikki Ducornet is an artist, poet and author of historical literary fiction that often incorporates the surreal.

Alfred Duggan was a historian and author of nonfiction history books and historical novels, most set in medieval England and ancient Rome; he died in 1964.

Marc Dugain is a French author, best known for his novel The Officers' Ward set during World War I.

Ann Dukthas is a pen name of historical mystery author P.C. (Paul) Doherty.

Alexandre Dumas was a nineteenth century French author who wrote historical adventure novels set in various periods.

Daphne du Maurier wrote novels set in various time periods, often set in Cornwall, which usually had romantic themes without conforming to the traditional historical romance genre.

Sarah Dunant is a British author of contemporary novels and historical novels set in medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Susanne Dunlap writes romantic historical novels for adults and teens, mostly set in Europe from the seventeenth through early twentieth centuries.

Helen Dunmore is a British author of contemporary and historical literary novels who has lived in Finland; her historical novels are set in various times and places from ancient Rome to twentieth century Finland and Russia.

Dorothy Dunnett was a British author of historical novels set in the medieval and Renaissance periods, including the Lymond and House of Niccolo series; she died in 2001.

David Anthony Durham is the author of three historical novels set in various times and places; his latest work is a literary fantasy novel.

Marilyn Durham has written historical novels set in the American West and medieval England.

Juliet Dymoke (full name Juliet Dymoke de Schanschieff) was a British author of historical romance novels.

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